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02 September 2008

- Short openning of 02 September 2008 : Report from Glenn, ZS2GK  in KF47kt:
Hi Phil,

It is just after 10:00 pm local time (20:00 UTC) and I can hear your beacon running. It is very faint, just above the noise with the pre-amp on.
I have not contacted you as I feel conditions are not good enough for a voice contact. If the signal improves I will contact you along with a few others here locally.

The beacon was in and out of the noise from about 19:40UTC until it faded at 20:20 UTC, just not good enough to have a QSO and that was with the pre-amp running.

...It was probably strong enough for a CW QSO although by 20:20UTC it was gone.

The general situation :

1-The Hepburn predictions  look fine

2-The radiosounding data 

Not so nice for PE, but look for Durban...

310 51 305.6 316.4 306.3

3-The surface pressure chart


4-The visible map

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