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20/21/22 October 2009

20/10/2009 0600z i had 1400km sea signals from south 5R8.
From 1450 to almost 1600z, abt 800km path towards Tamatave. It means
that the first 5R8/FR qso could have been possible today, even with FM
and some 10-20w!
Looking at surface map chart and weather satellit image, these cdx were
very probably weather front related...

21/10/2009 : 600km+ from 1500 loc (1100z) to 2300 loc (1900z) - 8 hours of propagation!

of extended vhf range.

22/10/2009 : same situation; since 0600 loc (0200z), it is now 2100 loc
(1700z) - 15 hours of vhf extended range.

AIS rx at FR5DN

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