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 ON 28/02/2009 - 19h30 UTC.

From ZS2GK, Glenn in KF47kt :

Hi Phil,

Not sure if you received my SMS sent to you on Sunday evening about 07H30

I heard your beacon very faintly with huge QSB was not able to make out the
full callsign.  I contacted Dave ZS5DJ and asked him to listen but he heard
nothing.   It was very faint and very intermittent.  I stayed up quite late

hoping for an opening but there was nothing.


I did not get the SMS from Glenn, so was not aware of any possible openning.
It would have been funny to try 70cms!


The general situation :

1-The Hepburn charts

2-The radiosounding data with the corresponding AREPS curves.

 310 51 305.6 316.4 306.3

4-The surface pressure chart and visible maps


On ZS2GK qth :
. 365Km North East of Port Elizabeth on a reading of 58 degrees East from Port Elizabeth. Grid Locator is KF47kt. The QTH is about 200M above sea level and is 5Km inland. The track to Reunion still about 80Km over land with a small annoying hill in between. (Affects about 3 degrees of Horizon)

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