The Moon occults Jupiter
1998 October 31th

On October 31th, seen from Reunion Island the Moon will occult Jupiter.
My friends of the ARECA (Association Reunionnaise pour l'Etude du Ciel Austral) and I will send live images of this occultation on this page.
Transmission will start October 31th around 14:30 UT and will end around 17:00 UT. Hope the weather will be fine.

Here is a prediction of the timing of the events (UT time) :

14:47:13 Callisto
15:03:52 Io
15:07:25 Ganymede
15:08:28 Jupiter (1st contact)
15:10:25 Jupiter (2nd contact)
15:14:10 Europa
16:08:02 Callisto
16:26:26 Io
16:30:28 Ganymede
16:31:03 Jupiter (3th contact)
16:33:05 Jupiter (4th contact)
16:36:23 Europa

Pictures of Saturn and Jupiter made 2 days ago(10/27/98).

Our setup :

What the show could have been ... :
The 4 galilean moons of Jupiter will be part of the show. First of all Callisto will disappear, then Io and Ganymede. At this time Jupiter's disk will be gradually blocked out and finally Europa will disappear. Callisto will be the first to come out then Io and Ganymede which will be very close to Jupiter's disk. The show will end with Europa's return.

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