Partial eclipse of the Sun of February 16th 1999

On February 16th 1999 an annular-total eclipse of the Sun will be visible on a narrow path spreading over the Indian Ocean from the south of the costs of South Africa to Australia. Seen from Reunion Island the eclipse will only be a 20% partial one.
The members of the ARECA - Association Reunionnaise pour l'Etude du Ciel Austral will try to send live images of this event on this page.
Transmissions are to start on February 16th around 04h15 UT and will end around 06h15 UT. Should the weather be with us.

For St-Denis in Reunion Island the eclipse will start at 04h22min05s UT. The maximum of the eclipse will be at 05h12min08s UT and it will end at 06h07min29s UT (Computation by Thierry (Suppress the X to get a valid email) based on the elements of the eclipse of Fred Espenak - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center).

Annular eclipse live from Australia by my friend Olivier Staiger.

February 16th, 02h00 UT : The is rising an the weather looks fine....

04:22 UT Here we go !!

05H05 UT nearly the maximun. The sky is clear but I have a small problem with the acquisition. The image is not that great, but we see it!!!!!

05H25 UT To many people at the max. I lost the connection!!!

06H07 UT The End... Some little problems on the connection and on the video acquisition but a blue sky !!!!!

Good luck Australia !!!

Archive of the images taken during the eclipse

The movie of the eclipse

Some close views of the sunspots

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