The Moon occults Aldebaran - April 18th 1999

On April 19th 1999 the Moon, seen from the United States, will occult the star Aldebaran (Alpha Taurus). Seen from Reunion Island only a wide conjunction will be visible the 18th of April (map below). I'll put a few pictures of this conjunction here on April 18th 16h00 UT.

The Moon, Venus and Albebaran (at the top of the picture) in a nearly equilateral triangle
April 18th 15h00 UT

Earthshined Moon and the small crescent.

The occultation live from Denver (Colorado) by my friend Olivier Staiger (April 19th, 02h -04h UT).

Mars as seen these last days :

Mars - April 13th 1999

Mars - April 16th 1999

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