All the pictures below were made by Thierry (Suppress the X to get a valid email) with amateur equipment.
These are the results of long and cold nights outside. The author is happy to share them with you but please respect the copyrights.

Reproducion of any part of this work for collective or commercial use without the written permission of the coyright owner is unlawful. Requests for permission or futher information should be addressed to Thierry (Suppress the X to get a valid email).

NGC 3532 (113k)

NGC 3945 - Centaurus (17k)

NGC 104 - 47 Tucana (21k)

NGC 6532 (85k)

NGC 3372 - Eta Carina (151k)

NGC 3372 - Eta Carina (148k)

NGC 6992 (30k)

M27 - Dumbbell (18k)

M8 et M20 - Lagoon and Trifid (109k)

M42 - Orion (47k)

NGC 2237-8-9, NGC 2244 - Rosetta (44k)

IC 434 - Horse Head Nebula (89k)

Comet Okasaky-Levy-Rudenko (63k)

89/02/20 Eclipse of the Moon (15k)

86/10/17 Eclipse of the Moon (15k)

Corona - 91/07/11 Great Eclipse (31k)

Low corona - 91/07/11 Great Eclipse (16k)

Solar flames - 91/07/11 Great Eclipse (25k)

The two Magellanic Clouds (82k)

LMC - Large Magellanic Cloud (41k)

SMC - Small Magellanic Cloud (46k)

NGC 2070 - Tarantula Nebula (34k)

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